We can evaluate water repellency with the method prescribed in JISL-1092. However, there is no indicator to durability of water repellency. We experimented the durability of water repellency supposing many situations in real. Then, we evaluated it and brush its work up from the results.

Verification test ⅠWash durability test

Repeated washing as specified in JISL - 0217 - 105 law, after washing, we evaluated water repellency by JIS L - 1092 method. Performed three times under each test condition and displayed as a graph on the average. The test cloth is 100% nylon. (Conducted at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center)
Water-repellent coating has high adhesion to fabric, so that water-repellent ingredients are not deceased easily even when repeatedly washed.
Wash durability test

Verification test IIShower durability test

We measured how long the test cloth start to get soaked with shower. We performed three times under each test condition and displayed as a graph on the average.The test cloth is 100% nylon.(In-house testing)
Water-repellent coating has a strong water-repellent ability.It makes rain soak into the cloth slowly.
Shower durability test

Verification test IIIConfirmation of water repellency after dipping

The test cloth treated with the water repellent was sank for 5 days. After that, we confirmed of the conditions of water-repellent. The test cloth is 100% nylon.(In-house testing)
Even under water, the coating keep water-repellent.

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